Pepsi Wiki is a soda wiki that was launched on October 16th, 2009 and founded by the original founder Maxwasson

The Beginning Edit

Maxwasson founded the wiki on October 16, 2009 and edited this wiki in two days within the same month (October) of 2009.

After a half year, Maxwasson edited this wiki again for one day in 2010, and came back in the middle of 2011 and continuously edited until October 2011. This wiki has been abandoned for 6 years by the original founder. Numerous users helped, and vandalized the wiki from time to time until late 2017.

2009 Edit

Pepsi Wiki first debuted in October 16, 2009, Making the first wiki of Pepsi. The wiki did got some updates by Maxwasson, and other small users in 2009.

2010 Edit

Not much known about Pepsi Wiki in 2010, but it is abandoned for one year.

2011 Edit

Maxwasson started going back to this wiki as a returning founder, and then abandoned the wiki in Late 2011.

2012 - 2017 Edit

The wiki was helped by various people in the wiki a few times over the past years, and being vandalized in some of it's content.

2017 Edit

In late 2017, Fandom user Duckieboy01 attempted to adopt the wiki, and successfully became the Bureaucrat, and Admin in October 18th, 2017.

Current Edit

As in right now, Pepsi wiki it's properly getting the information from Duckieboy01, and other users.