Tropicana Twister Grape
Tropicana twister soda grape 12oz can
A Tropicana Twister Grape can.
Flavor: Grape
Color: Purple      
Current Status: Presumably Discontinued
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: June 2005 - 2008?
Related Flavors: Tropicana Twister Orange, Tropicana Twister Diet Orange, Tropicana Twister Strawberry, Tropicana Twister Lemonade Splash
Related Promotions: N/A

Tropicana Twister Grape was an grape flavored soda released by PepsiCo in the summer of mid-2005 replacing Slice (Grape).

History Edit

In the summer of mid-2005, PepsiCo introduced the Tropicana Twister Soda brand to replace the Slice Soda brand.

In 2005, Tropicana Twister Grape replaced Slice (Grape) in all of it's Pepsi markets in the United States.

After the discontinuation of the Slice Soda brand, the Tropicana Twister Soda brand was available in some Pepsi markets.

It was suddenly, and unexpectedly that the Tropicana Twister Soda brand was pulled from most Pepsi markets at the time, and surprisingly still remained available in some Pepsi markets in the U.S. With this happening, that all Pepsi markets in the U.S. has been removed from it's market places. Even though it is still at some locations in the U.S., it was disappearing little by little. After the discontinuation in some markets, it has been replaced by Crush Grape as it's new grape soda with in almost every all Pepsi markets.

The Tropicana Twister Orange flavor is still available in some areas in some various sizes such as the bottles, cans, and the fountain form in some Taco Bells, but unfortunately the availability for this brand is very low that it's brand's flavors is presumably discontinued. Such as Diet Orange, Grape, and Strawberry.